« FEEL LIKE… » at the Womanity Fondation Gala #W2020

Caroline Baup

lot 44

“FEEL LIKE…” by Caroline Baup

For Caroline, “FEEL LIKE…” represents a woman who never gives up and is strong as a rock.

Caroline Baup is a French artist who studied Fine Arts at Atelier de Sèvres in Paris and subsequently studied Architecture in a Architecture school. Through this training she got familiarized with symbols and their meaning, considering them the universal language beyond cultures, languages and origins, because they leave us free of interpretation using our imagination.

Her work is both poetic and abstract. She has always been fascinated by neon lights. According to her, it changes our perception of things. Just like an opera, Caroline Baup’s light creations carry us into a daydream and immerse us in color as our perception of the space is transformed. From her first sketch to the handcrafted neon light , the glass blower uses his knowledge to create her creations. Universal and visual languages are at the heart of her artwork.

Caroline lives and works in Annecy. Since 2009, her work has appeared in various monographic exhibits as well as in high-profile art events throughout France and in Switzerland.

• “FEEL LIKE…”, 2019
• Neon on Plexiglas technique • Signed by artist
• Unique in the world
• 175 x 20 cm